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Now I have to wait until August!?!?!

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OK...I have posted a couple of threads on both the crappy rental RGS ride with regards to the wind flow and lack of a cool touring windshield, and the GPS system.

So my local dealer mounted a Klock windshield for me, and with that test ride....all was GREAT.

I then ventured into another dealer in Central FL last weekend, and started asking about my GPS issues, and its just's amazing what you can discover about a product, when the sales staff employs someone who really knows the product. So my GPS concerns have also been addressed, and it has me actually wanting a new RGS.

Then....the great salesman screwed something up for me!! He disclosed to me the new color options coming in 2016, and I want the new metallic black paint they have in the 2016 color book!!!! But will have to wait until sometime in August for the 16's to become available.

So thanks to all who took the time to post replies and your experiences, as much of what was viewed help me to make this decision to go for it.

I guess the good thing about the months I have to wait, is I can take my time in picking out the additional parts I am going to include in my purchase, so to have the added warranty on all the extras (wheels, rear trunk, sound system add-on's(side bag speaker lids, amp, better frt fairing speakers), exhaust, intake, foot boards, highway pegs, and god only knows what else).

I'll probably post another thread here and there, with the occasional questions or search for experienced opinions, and look forward to what insight will come from this forum.
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Sorry, I have ridden them, they are great but, I love my '05. I can't buy into the hype.
And what's with putting a Sportster front tire on a Road Glide and a Road Glide Front tire on a Sportster?
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