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hey guys just putting it out there in case anyone was teeter tottering about a road trip.

Friday 03/07/14, my self and few others are heading south to Daytona

we are going south and laying over somewhere south of Virginia possibly south Carolina or Georgia. depending on our physical limitations . nothing is set in stone,

the invite is open for anyone looking to ride. you can tag along ride ahead we have no agenda. its a straight shot down I 95 .

we are meeting at Starbucks around 700 am, on 93 and 3rd ave. Bayridge, Brooklyn,

kickstands up at approximately 800 am, and then we are off. gas and food as the need arise. like I said we have no set schedule and are just riding.

if anyone is interested in tagging along. hit me up via email.

[email protected]

weather looks promising but again its cold guys. so be prepared.

look forward to hearing from you.
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