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The bike: 2015 RGS, C&C wide solo, stock bars, HD engine guard wind deflectors, 12" Windsplitter.

The rider: Me, 6ft tall, 32" inseam, Bell Rogue w/muzzle, Bobster goggles, bandana over nose/mouth. I ride with a slight slouch against my backrest....usually between 65 and 85 mph ;)

The observations: I can still see over the top edge of the windscreen with plenty to spare. I can detect distortion when I tuck in to look through the very VERY lightly tinted windscreen. I had smooth air flow around my head and smack dab on my face with the shorter stock dark smoke windscreen. The smooth air flow moved higher toward the top of my helmet with this taller 12" Windsplitter. There's less but still enough air flow at goggle level to "defrost" the lenses once I'm moving. Audio quality sounds about the same because that sexy cut on the "hips" of the windsplitter still sends the smooth air flow closer to the general areas of my ears inside my helmet to mask the audio than a full width no sexy hip windscreen would (I imagine). Although I wished it was darkly smoked like the shorter stock windscreen, this windscreen screen works for me aesthetically and functionally. It may not work for you.

I hope this helps others out there who are contemplating the 12" Rushmore RG/S Windsplitter. I bought mine used but in like-new condition for way less than retail from a fellow forum member....thanks fzggm4!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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