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Ohio to SW5 via RT66 (the one eye'd bastard tour)

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If anyone is interested...

I had a blast on the Gypsy tour RT66 trip so I plan on doing it again this year.

The goal is to take as much of 66 as possible from Joliet IL area to Amarillo TX and then bend SE to arrive at SW / Kerrville on Monday.

We plan on trying to stick to 66 with the exception of getting tangled up in the big cities (STL & OKC). I expect we will use the slab that shadows 66 if needed to make up time or bypass time sinks.

Day 1 will be from Joliet IL to Cuba MO. (around 400 miles)

Our first night will be in Cuba MO at the Wagon Wheel Hotel, an iconic RT66 hotel (its like 60 bucks a night).

Hutmo and I stopped there 2 years ago to sight see and it looked pretty cool.

If anyone is interested your more than welcome to tag along. We are leaving Joliet 6/12 and arriving at Kerrville on 6/15.
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When you come through Oklahoma, Stop at Clanton's in Vinita... They make a very good chicken fried steak...

Also, Check out the Seba Station Motorcycle museum outside of Chandler, Ok..
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