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Shout out to Smarty for hooking me up with the Ohlins Cartridges! Along with the Ohlins 772's on back this doesn't even feel like the same motorcycle. Reminds me of a cross between my 07 Fatbob and an FXR with a S&S 124 - You can't not grin when you go WOT! Additionally we added black lowers and bells, hogtunes 5X7's and an amp, Hard Case Risers, FM bars and a clockworks fairing which may or may not be staying on. The 17" Carlinin Pist Apes were great but sucked for aggressive riding. Probably do the speedo relocation kit next so I can see my Tach & Speedo (moreso the tach). Anywho - if you're thinking about Ohlins I highly recommend them and I recommend you get them from Smarty.

If you ain't First yer LAST! >:)

- Reese Bobby


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