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hey all just finished my OilBud install, read on .

Oil Bud Install on a 2013 Roadglide Ultra

First off the oil cooler is one of the best designs and quality I have seen.
The install was not to hard just confusing as the instructions have not been updated since the last engine tweak from Harley.
Check oil temps if possible before you start the install for comparisons, oil filter sump oil adapter and cooler body.
A tool needed includes a 7/16 Allen drive of some kind as well as tools for removing items.
Start off by removing the regulator, original oil cooler, any dresser covers applied to either, and they the floor boards helps to have them removed,.

Then you can remove the oil filter and grab your 7/16 hex drive( even a 5/16 rod coupling will work) remove hex tube from oil filter adapter set aside now remove the oil filter adapter and clean again .
Grab the Oil bud parts and start reading his instructions, the long hose is a pain to run and get it behind all the hoses on my ultra, the cable wrap is very good the second piece of wrap goes over the long tube on the rear cooler instructions don’t say that, after routing the hose and attaching it to the back half of the adapter tighten the hose completely (it is almost impossible to tightening after the install) now mount the back half of adapter to oil filter hole thread the nut insert and start it snug it up (make sure the chrome thermostat cap is rearward toward engine make sure the cover screws can be accessible to get thermostat out for service) of center between frame and engine.
The rest of the instructions are pretty spot on front hose with two 90* jic fittings is a little long and is in a hard s pattern but it does work, The front is to now be bolted on. (There are two different lengths of bolts long ones go from rear to front and visa versa) It is good to have a short 11/16 wrench and a longer one. After checking all the hoses and jic fittings for tightness install oil filter start her up and check for leaks, no leaks! Awesome, now check oil level, go ride and retake temps via laser temp gun at oil filter, adapter, sump and cooler body.
I personally got temp drops from (oil filter) 210* to 185*
(Sump) 230* to 195*
(Adapter) 223* to 190*
(Body cooler) 220* to 180 Front 220 rear inlet outlet.
Bottom line Very well worth the time headaches to find a 7/16 hex drive, and the outcome is great, a little steep on price but I would do it again knowing what I know now. Bud is also great for information and advise, The instructions don’t tell you about removing existing cooler or that if you have the kuryakyn dual cover oil cooler/regulator, it’s no good anymore.
Have a great time installing it now. !
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