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Oil cooler review

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This is for the Oil Bud Oil Cooler.

Since I got this bike it has been my goal to make this damn thing run cooler! I had the UltraCool (with a fan built in) and hated it. Leaked like crazy and it still ran hot. After this thing dumped all my oil I decided to get a new cooler. Thank god I pulled over just before that happened or I would have been in a world of hurt.

Anyway, I saw the Oil Bud. Had my reservations about it. Why? It fits up underneath the bike between the frame. But it has many, many fins like a radiator to dissipate heat. It also can take quite a beating. There are videos of a guy taking a 12 gauge shotgun to it and still works. Okay, so rocks, sand and pebbles won't hurt it. I had it installed at the dealership because that's where my old oil cooler crapped out on me. But for some reason they didn't reinstall my oil temp gauge. I rode it for a few months, no problem. I finally installed the oil temp sensor into the cooler. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU INSTALL THE SENSOR IN IT BEFORE YOU INSTALL THE COOLER. I didn't and it was very difficult to get my hands and tools in there to fit. But I got it done nevertheless.

I've been riding around and now can attest to how well this works. For a while I though I screwed up the temp gauge cause it wasn't moving at all. Then finally it began to creep up. Wow, I can't believe how much cooler the oil temp stayed, even in BS New York traffic!

This thing is great! Yes, it is expensive. But I see no need to ever replace my oil cooler again (third time if you're counting) and it runs sooooo much cooler.

Here end'th my story.

If you're interested...
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I looked at the Oil Bud also, but went with the Ultra Cool and haven't had any problems, it works great for me. Nice to know the Oil Bud works also. My question would be how much extra oil are you able to put into the engine, I imagine that would have a lot to do with the cooling?
Don't be bummed. One persons bad experience is not representative of the product. I put on the Ultracool Reefer late last summer and could not get the motor hot enough to get the fan to come on. I had to run it in my garage at idle to get it hot enough so I could make sure the fan came on. While riding I could not get the temps above 200.
My feelings also, I love my Ultra Cool.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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