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Oil cooler review

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This is for the Oil Bud Oil Cooler.

Since I got this bike it has been my goal to make this damn thing run cooler! I had the UltraCool (with a fan built in) and hated it. Leaked like crazy and it still ran hot. After this thing dumped all my oil I decided to get a new cooler. Thank god I pulled over just before that happened or I would have been in a world of hurt.

Anyway, I saw the Oil Bud. Had my reservations about it. Why? It fits up underneath the bike between the frame. But it has many, many fins like a radiator to dissipate heat. It also can take quite a beating. There are videos of a guy taking a 12 gauge shotgun to it and still works. Okay, so rocks, sand and pebbles won't hurt it. I had it installed at the dealership because that's where my old oil cooler crapped out on me. But for some reason they didn't reinstall my oil temp gauge. I rode it for a few months, no problem. I finally installed the oil temp sensor into the cooler. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU INSTALL THE SENSOR IN IT BEFORE YOU INSTALL THE COOLER. I didn't and it was very difficult to get my hands and tools in there to fit. But I got it done nevertheless.

I've been riding around and now can attest to how well this works. For a while I though I screwed up the temp gauge cause it wasn't moving at all. Then finally it began to creep up. Wow, I can't believe how much cooler the oil temp stayed, even in BS New York traffic!

This thing is great! Yes, it is expensive. But I see no need to ever replace my oil cooler again (third time if you're counting) and it runs sooooo much cooler.

Here end'th my story.

If you're interested...
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Kinda bummed out to read this, just bought a Ultra Cool a couple of days ago..
Don't be bummed. One persons bad experience is not representative of the product. I put on the Ultracool Reefer late last summer and could not get the motor hot enough to get the fan to come on. I had to run it in my garage at idle to get it hot enough so I could make sure the fan came on. While riding I could not get the temps above 200.
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