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Ok I give up, another ign switch question!

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So I carefully removed the key switch in the fork lock position because I was starting to remove the forks to install my Patriot spring kit. Of course the forks locked when happened to move the forks hard over. I tried to reinstall the switch and had a hell of a time key was jamming up, so a little 3in 1 oil did wonders!
Anyway I called my Indy he stated that the switch should be removed in the accessory position! So I tried this and it came out and I could swing the bars hard over with out locking the forks of course.
So question is what is the correct pos to remove the switch? Seems like every video shows it in the lock position when there removing it. Thanks!
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The only way you can release it is to the locked position.
From your experience, you say you did it - so it must be true.
And - I gotta think there is a good reason for doing it the way "everyone else" states.

I dunno. But if you were able to......then Bob's your uncle!
To me the good reason is because that’s how it tells you to do it in the service manual. On top of the the other way just seems like a PITA. 🤷🏻‍♂️

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