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DSR1 question. If your running woofers should you crossover on:
High Pass at @50hz - 63hz 48db or
run it on Band Pass at @50hz - 63Hz to 7Khz 24db slope.
Or Low Pass at 7Khz 48db?
Basically tuning it out of the Subwoofer Range. While using High Pass and letting it run out above it’s range in upper frequencies since
Horns or Tweeters will take over anyhow.

Have Hertz Millie MLK 1605.3( woofers domes only ) Legends( no crossovers uses ).

Hertz SV 200L

Hertz ST35

*Hertz ML1650.3
* Millie MLK 1650.3 Legends.
*Hertz ML 280.3
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