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Old Road Glide Review

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Old review, but very telling

At least initially I didn't like the looks of the big fairing with its dual headlights, especially since the bike seemed to need an Electra Glide-style trunk (or "Tour-Pak," in Harleyspeak) to complete the statement that the fairing begins. The trunk is available as an option, and the bike begs for it, in my eyes, since the big fairing just suggests long rides on the open road.

However, after a week and a bit over 2000 miles, the Road Glide thoroughly changed my opinion. Other than some differences in the wind protection from the larger fairing and the welcome stereo system, I didn't expect there to be a noticeable difference between it and the Road King I had been hoping to ride. The frames are essentially the same and so is the general layout— Harley's hard saddlebags, rider floorboards, triple disc brakes, and so on. However, the Road Glide surprised me.

Despite the extra weight of its fairing, the Road Glide seems to have more cornering clearance than the Road King, giving it surprising lean angles. It pitched around just a bit on the suspension during hard cornering but never did anything exciting. The brakes were adequate, though, as always the handlebar levers are not very handy for smaller hands. Some riders find it uncomfortable to cover the big brake pedal in traffic, though my size 13 boots don't have any trouble keeping the toe hovering over the pedal

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Funny! but a good read! Did you switch out your pipe Sancho?
Not Sancho, Bike the same I'm admin/Bill
No Offense Bro. Nice Bike though!
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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