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Opinions about a project

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So I've had this thought of modifying my exhaust for a while....then I see one on a bike on E-bay & it just renewed my I'm thinking of ceramic coating my head pipe in a Glacier Silver......driliing holes in my heat sheilds to allow the silver to show thru and then ceramic coat my heat sheilds a satin black......I know it looks like a machine gun to soime.....I think it ties into the "Speed Dot" theme I have on a lot of parts......These are just labeling dots & I would need to space a bit further apart & mave sure all are even, but the pics are just for a visual......Opinions??? Good bad or indifferent.....


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I'm about 80% sure I'm gonna do (whenever I get the time).....


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I like it! If the hwy pegs and air cleaner are the speed dot theme you're trying to match, I think it's gonna be nice!

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Yeah- Highway pegs- Exhaust tips- Gage bezels- switch cover- front axle covers- horn cover- soon to be dash center plate, saddlebag latch covers and thinking of doing similar to a set of clutch/brake levers & a shift arm.......
The white dots shown are 3/4".....I may drop down to a 1/2" diameter......
Hey it's your bike.
Yeah.... still haven't fully gotton on board with it......It would be different.....just wanted to get some feedback fom others......Probably a fall thing before I tackle.... IF I tackle............
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