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Opinions about a project

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So I've had this thought of modifying my exhaust for a while....then I see one on a bike on E-bay & it just renewed my I'm thinking of ceramic coating my head pipe in a Glacier Silver......driliing holes in my heat sheilds to allow the silver to show thru and then ceramic coat my heat sheilds a satin black......I know it looks like a machine gun to soime.....I think it ties into the "Speed Dot" theme I have on a lot of parts......These are just labeling dots & I would need to space a bit further apart & mave sure all are even, but the pics are just for a visual......Opinions??? Good bad or indifferent.....


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I like it, a lot...

It would likely be somewhat functional as well. Still have the heat shields so you don't burn your legs, and add some cooling holes to let the heat escape. My only concern would be to have the holes precisely spaced, and making a good clean hole so it looks nice an clean...
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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