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Opinions Please--2006 RG

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First, thanks in advance for the help and opinions.

I'm currently on my third HD bike ('09 vrod). I've got my eye on whats looks like a great 2006 RG.

Previous owner spent a TON of money on accessories...california kid flame paint set, detachable tour pak, back rest, heated grips/seat and chrome on top of chrome. Bike has 17k miles on it. Unfortunately, bad economy has forced a sale. Based on KBB price is just a little over KBB trade in value ~ $12k.

Does this seem like the good deal I'm trying to convince myself it is? lol

Any issues or concerns with 2006 models?
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17K in miles is nothing. Just broken in. If the bike runs good and is in good shape then I'd say this is a good deal. I love helping others spend their money.
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