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Well I went ahead and ordered a Power Vision today from Fuel Moto.
they said I may get it by Thurs this week.

My bike is running well presently with the PCV that a friend gave me, but I really wanted to be able to not have a "piggy back" tuner in place and I wanted to be able to use more of the capibilities of the ECM by not having to disconnect the O2 Sensors etc.

I was looking into the TTS, and the SE Super Tuner software but the Power Vision seems more user friendly, I like the data loging to self tune , the ability to use it in the future as a code reader on my bike as well as others, and most important the customer support from Fuel Moto. I had a PC lll on my 05 from Fuel Moto and they were great.

Ive read all the posts on this forums and HD Forums and the info on Fuel Motos site and I think I understand it and hope that all goes smooth but if any of you that are using the Power Vision have any quick tips please let me know.

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