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I was up around Deal's Gap last week and my bike started running weird while cruising. In any gear with low, constant throttle it would start acting like it wasn't getting enough fuel, surging, and popping through the rear cylinder exhaust. As soon as I would give it more throttle, it would straighten out and run correctly. After returning home, I checked the DTCs even though I had no check engine light and found these:

P0131 - Front O2 sensor low/lean
P0132 - Front O2 sensor high/rich
P0152 - Rear O2 sensor high/rich
P0154 - Rear O2 sensor inactive

The O2 sensors are original and have 57,000 miles on them. While I was on the trip, I had to fill up with 87 octane gas and used cheap octane booster from the gas station. After seeing the codes, it makes sense to me that the bike is not running correctly in the closed loop area and it runs fine in open loop when the O2 sensors are out of the equation. The dealer here in Jax wants $65 each for new sensors, yikes. I am at work but will tear into it when I get home to start looking. I don't really want to shotgun two new sensors at it, but what would cause them to go bad/read out of limits? Thanks in advance!
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