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if it were stainless that's exactly what i'd do; to match my exhaust. I built a chopper that had some clear coated mild steel. i like the rat look, just wanted something more "finished" for this bike.
I like the shape too. i had to find something with a flatter top than most of the ones out there so the monza cap would have the clearance to flip. I also wanted it to be the stock width where it met the seat. it was either the DTF one or this one. almost did the DTF one but it's carbon fiber so it wouldn't be stiff enough to take the beating of repeatedly plugging and replugging my helmet into it so landed on this one, i thought i liked the one from DTF better but have ridden with it for a couple of days and feel like it was the better choice. now paint. i'm leaning toward red sides and at the top ridge split to black with the red pinstripe. all hd stock colors.
here's the chopper
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I love that!

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