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PBR300 X2 or X4?

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I've decided on the components I want to use, but I need advise on whether to run two or four speakers on my 2009. I'm going to use Infinity Kappa 62.11i's and a PBR300. I would add pods and speakers to my lowers later on, if there was a huge difference in sound, but the bad thing is that I may or may not want the lowers on in the summer. Peak riding season. For those of you running these set ups, is there enough difference in sound to run four speakers? Thanks...
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PBR300x2 is a better amp

does 2ohm, and has a better adjustment on the crossover, plus a PEQ dial option

I have 4 speakers ( 4ohm - wired to parallel - 2ohm ) on the front amp

2 on the other amp

more speeakers helps - because is has to be a little over the top on a bike to hear it clearly - and makes more efficient use of the power
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