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Performance Upgrades Finished--- WOW

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Yesterday my upgrades were finished. I added a 103 kit, SE 258 cams with new cam bearings, billet cam plate. ported and milled heads by Branch O'Keefe (Branch Specs: Larger inlet and exhaust valves; .060" decked cylinder head; compression releases; new valve guides; racing valve springs; flowed inlet and exhaust ports; forged lightweight pistons contoured to match quench style combustion chamber), adjustable pushrods, RB Racing Pipes, and TTS Tuner. My friend helped me with everything including the tune. We had breakfast with Steve from TTS yesterday and then went by his shop and Steve personally tuned my bike. All I can say is WOW! My bike is now a beast. I've been patiently waiting for a couple of months for everything to come together. It was worth the wait.

Here's a photo of my actual new (to me) heads. I purchased them from my friend who works at RB Racing and they have less than 500 miles on them.

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When you had Branch do your heads, did you go with one of there "packages"? Is so, did you go with the " #4 " or the " PT " ? Just curios, as Branch is who I am planning to do my headwork next winter. The gist I get is the #4 is for overall high performance, and the PT is low/mid torque 2000-4000 rpm.


Gotcha. If you find that out, that would be great. Also, was wondering what compression ratio the components likely yielded. Thanks, and glad the build worked out!

90 octane is pretty common "premium", here in AK. When I have head work done, I'd like to keep it to 9.5:1 or so, which is why I'm looking at Branch's PT package. I don't want to fool with octane boost. I had envisioned going 10:1, but think I should be more conservative. Hard to believe with all the oil we have, and two refineries...and our pump gas sucks!

1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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