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I completed phase 1 of my sound upgrades in Apr 2014 and I enjoyed the improved sound last summer with these components.
- Soundstream Picaso Nano 350.2 (was mounted on top of stock HU)
- Focal CA1 6.5"
- ARC adapter rings

Last night I fished up phase 2 by replacing the stock head unit. The Scosche and Sony products were purchased as a package on ebay from Volunteer Audio for a good price.
- Scosche HD7000AB install kit
- Scosche HDSWC1 handlebar control adapter
- Sony DSX-M50BT
- h-donut amp mount

Everything installed easily and works as advertised / expected. I know there are a lot of PAC fans out there but I decided to try out the HDSWC1 and besides soldering the pwr/grnd/acc wires everything else was plug and play and controls work as I expect.

The sound quality is much improved over the stock HU but I have to continue tweeking my sound levels now that I have many more adjustment options. The new marine grade Sony HU is visible in direct sunlight and hooks up with my android phone easily. I wish the radio manufacturers put as much engineering into controlling android OS as they do for IOS. I know there would be more controls if I had an iPhone.

The most difficult part of the install was the short length of the antenna cable. I did not have enough slack to reach the back end of the new radio. I pulled the tank looking for extra slack but in the end I just pulled hard enough to get 2 more inches out of the cable. And then there is the outer fairing. Mine never seems to line up the way it should. Now its time to ride!


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