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Picked up a 2015 RGS in blue over the weekend.

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I traded in a 2010 RGS in red for this bike. I did not bother test riding the bike before I made my purchase as I am RG person. Man, does this bike handle well. Much better than the 2010 for sure. So far, I have had it up to 70 on the freeway and absolutely no buffeting. Suspensions are far superior to the 2010. When I had the 2010, I had the monotube with 1" drop and 1" lower Ohlins. I would say the 2015 RGS stock suspensions are close but not better. I will be doing the Monotubes & will fit the Ohlins in as well. (Sorry but am not selling the stock shocks).

Anyone on the fence about getting the 2015, don't.

Plans are to do the suspension change, new windshield, will add new chrome wheels on (may chance the tires too), a few chrome trim pieces and upgrade to LED lights. Already have my Mustang seat on and it works fine.
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Bought one myself and couldn't agree more. It does everything you mention
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