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Sharing a wonderful event with you from yesterday - its an event that is a testament to "ya just never know when or how the wonderful things will come into your life.

Yesterday was the annual Fairfax County Police Motor Squad Christmas event. We collect toys and goods from around the county to give to ill and often terminally ill children. I’m a Volunteer for the Squad and drive one of the support trucks.

I was assigned my truck and was in line with the Motors to start our route. Then an Officer (Charlie) said, “Heh Jim, do you mind if I ride with you?” He was injured a few months back and is still recovering.

As we approached our noon time break Charlie received a phone call. He said, “That’s Tommy’s widow and she wants to meet at our lunch spot”.

I asked about her and her fallen Officer husband. Here is where the world gets so inter-connected.

Her husband Tommy — was my friend; a Captain with Fairfax County Police. In the mid 90’s he was my “go to guy” when I needed help from the County with my federal investigations. Always available, responsive, good humored and just a fine man.

Tommy had been a Motor Officer earlier in his career; and after leaving the Squad he still stayed involved and always joined the final test ride when a new class was graduating — a long ride through all types of Virginia roads.

One day Tommy said to me that he hesitated to ask but wanted my help. His father had left the family at an early age. Tommy wanted to reconcile and wanted to know if I could help locate him. I was happy to help and did find him.

Tommy was overwhelmed. He said he wasn’t sure when or if he would use the info but he was so grateful. And it made me feel good.

I got transferred to new assignments and so did Tommy — still friends but we did not see each other as much.

Then Tommy died. He was on a graduation ride with his beloved Motor Squad. They were on a narrow hilly country road; a car crossed the line and hit Tommy head on - he died at the scene.

The Officer behind Tommy was Charlie - the Officer riding with me yesterday. He tried CPR but it was a no go.

And so Charlie became even closer to Tommy’s family. As Charlie relived much of this yesterday I was overwhelmed with the “coincidence” (NOT) of this world.

I told Charlie I need to meet Tommy’s wife at lunch. Well, Charlie introduced us in the parking lot at lunch. I said, “Hi Mary, I’m the guy that found Tommy’s dad.” She teared up and hugged me.

Mary told me that because of my efforts and information:
- Tommy did meet and reconcile with his father
- Tommy met his step brothers and sisters and created a new family relationship
- After Tommy’s death the family became closer by meeting Tommy’s children.

Mary and I had a wonderful lunch and are now buddies.

No coincidence =

1. I had a rough time getting up yesterday but I knew others were relying on me.

2. If Charlie had not been injured, he would not have ridden with me yesterday.

3. If he didn;t ride with me I would not have known the other details about Tommy and his wife Mary.

4. If I didn;t go yesterday I would not have met Mary.

5. If I did not meet Mary, I would have never known the positive results of my helping Tommy - some 20 years ago.

So, ya just never know — Much Respect to all, Jim
PS - As an extra Happy item -- attached below is a Pic -- we were early for one of of our stops -- so we waited on a side street. A mom came out with her baby -- they were thrilled to learn Santa rides a Harley and of course Santa obliged and spent time with them.


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