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Poly Bushings on 2015

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Are the bushings on the 2015 the same as previous years? Where did everyone buy theirs?
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Pardon my ignorance, I'm about to do a swap on my 15 RG...KST 14" outlaws. I have the bars and am itching to put them on. My question is what is all this talk about poly bushings? Should I order some replacement bushings prior to doing the install? I'm still confused on how the key lock assembly comes off etc. So tired of researching this...
No need to remove the ignition. Interesting. I think I'll start tackling it very soon in that case.
Thanks for that info. The bar install that everyone references is for the 13 and under.
One more question..I keep hearing about pins that have to be removed. Is this the case? I can't picture what they are talking about.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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