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This is not chiseled in stone as of right now , but I am on vacation the week of Oct 12th , a Saturday thru the 20th a Sunday .. I may be going back up to the Pitt area to stay with a budd for a few days and do some riding around there again ..

Was up there in Aug '10 and rode to Shanksville one day and around the Alleghenies the next day .. I wanna see whats changed in Shanksville and hopefully stay three or four days before returning home ..

From here its 900 miles , I do that in a day and a half . 600+ the first day and the balance the second day ..

My departure may be on the 11th a Friday , will depend on a few things ..

Unfortunately since we will be staying with my budd , there is only room for one other rider ..

My route is I65 to Elizabethtown Kentucky , then Martha Layne Collins Bluegrass Parkway to Lexington , picking up I64 and taking it to Charleston WV picking up I79 for the final leg to the north side of Pitt ..

Someone near this route would be perfect , but not necessarily required ..

FWIW you'll be with non drinkers ..

It's true that staying on 65 to Louisville and running 71 thru Cincy and Columbus , picking up 70 there is about forty miles closer , but we came back that way cause that's the way Kenny came down to my place and he said it was quicker and easier ..

Quicker maybe , easier not , no offense , but Cincy was not my idea of fun

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