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Powdercoating Mirrors??

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I'm in the process of powdercoating all of the chrome on my '11 RGU. Does anyone have any input on coating the mirrors?? I'm not sure if the glass will hold up in the baking process. I'm not sure if should save the headache & just buy new or go ahead & have them coated.

while I'm at it, I'm also planning on having both stock RGU wheels coated, has anyone seen the finished product? how's it look??

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My coater says the glass must be removed. I tried heat to break the adhesive. No go for me. I ended up just doing the stems.
The glass will need to come out to allow the part to be cured at the proper temp...
FYI-the Harley black PC ones I bought in 2012 were rusted by 2013. The stems.
Plus they only supplied regular chrome acorn nuts with them. WTF????
Don't know if the new ones were any better. I just Plasti-dipped the stems the other night. The actual dip type plastic dip.
a heat gun will take forever to remove the glass. There is some crazy haenous glue that holds the mirror in place. I've found that baking the whole thing in the oven, mind you prior to any powder, that it will soften the glue enough so you can pull apart. Actually if you lay the mirror glass down and after about 15-20 minutes of a good sustained 300 degree temps, when you go to lift the mirror the glass should just ooze off so to speak.

...and I'm assuming these are stock HD mirrors.
Just buy russ weirmont black
You can powder coat your mirrors without any issues as long as the coater knows what needs to be done. Ive powder coated at least 10 sets without any issues. I had to build a jig to hold the mirrors correctly when they are placed in the oven.
I wouldn't take the chance powder coating them with the glass in them. Just buy ones that are already black.

I powder coated a real wheel for mine, but it was the FLTRX wheel not the ultra wheel. I'm real happy with it because it just disappears under the bike. Stripping the old finish was a chore though. If you do this be sure to add a 90-degree valve stem.
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Just take the mirror out before powder coat the reinstall it. That's what I did.
Just take the mirror out before powder coat the reinstall it. That's what I did.
Did you heat in the oven and if so what temp and for how long.
My mirrors had a screw and an adhesive holding it in place. I just unscrewed it and pulled it off. Then brought some more adhesive to install it back.
I've painted lots of mirrors to match bikes, carefull masking of the glass and paint away

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The house burnt down around my bike and the powder coated wheels held up. So powder coating is durable as hell on stock wheels.


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