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power vision! which map

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I have a 2015 rgs. I just recently ordered a power vision decatted headpipe air kit with 4"megaphone style mufflers. Would I be better of finding and using a map preloaded or is there a custom map I should use that is floating around the interweb somewhere
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Find a map that is close in the canned maps. You do not have to match the pipes prefect regardless of what some tell you there is not that much difference in pipes they fall into groups rather than some special tune for each set.. Your basic Power vision has auto tune.
First back up your factory tune copy it to your computer save it in a safe place.
Load the canned map that is close to what you have. Then start running auto tune save that run then run a few more on the same map.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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