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'13, anyone have a lowes or home cheapo part number or any other place o get new screws?
No, I do not. I have a package of HD ones out in the garage. They are not but a couple of $'s. Remember there are two different lengths, However, I think I have all the long ones in all six holes on mine.

But when my screws start falling out I fill the screw hole with JB Weld then spray the screw with cooking spray real good and screw it into the hole. I have even wrapped it in plastic but this works just as good.

The JB Weld can be the usual type or the one sold for plastic. It's probably all the same shit just different package so they can charge more but hell it is what it is.

Now I can not take credit for this idea since I did find this on the forum. I am just passing it along and saying it works.

If you want or need the stock part number give me a shout.

Good Luck.

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