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Pre08 front wheel on 15RG

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I like the look of the fat tire on 16" rim.

If I find the front wheel set up off of 2007 FLHX, would it bolt right on to my 15RG??

I see a lising on Craigslist locally, I can pick up a 16"Wheel (07 FLHX) with tires, bearings, spacers AND axle.

Or should I keep looking for 08&up take offs??
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Check if the Bearings OD are equal, if so replace bearings matching your year axel shaft. One small details is the spacers also changed after 2009 with the new frame design make sure the wheel hub width are equal, if so use your year spacers. New bikes spacers L to R are equal while older bikes not.
Good luck
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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