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Pre08 front wheel on 15RG

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I like the look of the fat tire on 16" rim.

If I find the front wheel set up off of 2007 FLHX, would it bolt right on to my 15RG??

I see a lising on Craigslist locally, I can pick up a 16"Wheel (07 FLHX) with tires, bearings, spacers AND axle.

Or should I keep looking for 08&up take offs??
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I bought a 17" rim & tire off a 2014 road King and put on the front of my 15 rg. I am not sure about the 07 - I would be concerned about the ABS.

I think you will find it rides smoother too. I paid 180 for rim and tire on ebay ...
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1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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