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Primary fluid leaking at derby cover

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Got home from Shark Week V, 3000 miles on fluid change. No evidence of a leak through the whole trip. Bike was washed and parked for the last two days while I was working, got home this afternoon to this....

It appears to be leaking from the derby cover, using a paper gasket (new style rubber doesn't fit this derby cover).

Question... Going to replace the gasket and retorque the screws but is there anything else I need to pay attention to? Should I drain the primary and replace the fluid again with the correct amount?
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Don't know how much fluid you're putting in but the level shouldn't be reaching the derby cover just sitting on the kick stand. When you do remove the cover make sure you wipe it down good and check for any cracks on both the derby cover and outer primary cover. Replace it with whatever gasket it requires

38oz of primary fluid what i changed it out just before shark week. No leak until i got home. I'll pull the derby cover and check it all out. Is there any way engine oil can transfer into the primary making it too full?
Just wanted to thank everyone for the responses, and MJsDouble for the phone call. Pulled the derby cover today expecting the worst, hoping for the best and found the fluid level the same as freshly filled. The paper gasket was not torn but looked like it had a crease in it. I guess that was enough to collect Primary fluid and then drain out when it finally sat long enough.
Went ahead and changed out the primary fluid cause I had it opened up. Going to do a 1000 mile plus tour of Colorado with my son starting the 4th!

Stay safe friends!

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