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Primary oil change - stripped a torx

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Yea I stripped one of the torx heads to day changing primary. I adjusted clutch a year or 2 ago, and foolishly thought the derby cover was allen bolts..Sucks getting old and hard to see, so I set motion todays failure by buggering the tox back then. I was able to get clutch adjusted and knew I would be in trouble in future. Future was today. Used mini grinder to score a straight across slot to get torx out. Question - are there better derby bolts out there, hex head or deeper allen? At least I was able to get 2 of the 3 holes changed today, primary and main oil. Tranny in near future. Another rant, have the Rineharts, WTF were the designers thinking on that rear down pipe, impossible to get to oil and tranny filler..May be time for new set of pipes as well.
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I did the same a few years ago. I took the lil torx bolts to home depot and bought stainless allen bolts for a few bucks and haven't had any problems since
But they aren't stamped HD, won't that void my already expired warranty :eek:

Thanks, I see a Homedepot or Lowes trip in my near future.
The most common reason that people strip out torx head bolts is because they use inferior or the wrong size tool. The primary uses a T27 a lot of people use a T25 because most torx sets don't include a 27 they go from T25 to T30. The T25 for the most part fits and will loosen/tighten the fitting but after a couple torque sequences will strip out.

Not saying this is what the OP did but it is a pretty common occurrence.
OP stupidly tried using an allen wrench cause he assumed they were allens. Too old and lazy to lay on ground and get a good look at bolt type (again I assumed WRONG)..Once I mangled the first one up I realized they were torx, I have a 27. First time derby cover off, assume assembly line cranks them on good. I now own a shop manual, someday I'll get a lift. :D
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