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Hey guys I have an 08 FLTR and im short 5'6'' 30 inseam!! I have a 21 inch front and 18 inch rear on 1 inch lowering blocks. My sundowner seat was remolded by mean city cycles as low and narrow as possible with memory foam. With boots on im almost flat footed. I still have to lean side to side at a light slightly but not to bad.

I purchased progressive 10 2003 drop in fork springs (would have went monotube but cant afford it now with other projects) and wasn't sure if i should drop the front 2 inch or 1.5. I've seen pics of the 2 inch front and back and it looks bad ass but i don't want it to be not leveled.

I ride 1up 90% of the time and occasional 2 up. With the lowering blocks it still rides like a caddy with 35 psi in the shocks. My too worried about the harshness becuase i rode a hardtail for 2 years. Basically is 2 inches to low for the front with my set up or should i go 1.5? The stocks shocks are 13 inches eye to eye for the 08 i think. Any pics of a similar set up would be awesome!!

Thanks Guys.
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