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PV vs. PCV

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So whats the diff between the two aside from the PV having the handlebar controls ?? Do both have the same tuning abilities ?? website doesn't really say one way or the other ..

Looking at doing one of the powerpackage deals .

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The PV is a flash tuner which means it will actually alter the parameters of the ECM. The PCV is an inline unit that is installed between the ECM and it's input cable. It alters the information going to the ECM and therefore change it's output. Both are good tuning devices and have pro's and cons. The PCV must stay on the bike, the PV can flash the ECM and then be removed.
In 2009 Harley Delphi fuel injection went to a full on map (KPa) system. Prior years were based on a split system using TPS to calculate fuel adjustments and map sensor to control timing curve
1 - 2 of 25 Posts
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