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Question # 2.....its oil related

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I'm shopping for some synthetic oil to do my oil change, and am having difficulties finding much available that doesn't have "energy conserving"
The only Mobil 1 synth I can find without energy conserving is labeled
for High Mileage.........5 / 30 or 10 / 30

Also Shell Rotella T6 synth does not show the energy conserving in the bottom half of the circle on back of the jug.

Its my understanding the oil with "energy conserving" in the bottom half of the circle is NOT recommended for our bikes.......

Am I making this decision more difficult than needs be ?? I don't seem to remember this much anxiety at my last oil change.....

I'm in need of a 'point me in the right direction' please.........

Once again thanks from a happy RG rider with 8 thumbs and 2 fingers:eek:
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Mobil 1 V-Twin oil is 20W50 rated. I have seen it for sale in Wal mart, but I use the synthetic Rotella in everything that I own that has a four-stroke engine.
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