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My only complaint is the damn weather preventing me from riding it. All of 125 miles in 3 months.:mad:

Actually there's some things that irk me about it for the price they jacked them up to. The trim around the TP lights is just plain black, not color matched like the one on my '11 I traded in. Passenger lumbar support is gone on the new one. Mrs might not like that. Cheesy shift linkage and brake pedal bar along with the shifter bars instead of something a little fancier. I'm sure there's a few other petty things but I can't remember them at this time. The 20+ month old issues with the infotainment system they can't seem to fix is affecting all the Boom 6.5 setups. Not just the CVO. Those damn plain ass mirrors but even my '11 had them.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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