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Just put 1760 miles on the bike( to Albuquerque and back to San Diego). One day return was 883 miles. It is much more comfortable than my 11 CVO RG Ultra.

To address some of the questions.
1. I'm quite satisfied with the ride and comfort. The new fairing design really keeps the head buffeting to a minimum. My hands dont get as cold as on the older fairing.
2. The wet head really does wonders for heat. My 11 killed me. This has less heat than my 09 CVO and it doesnt have lowers.
3. Yea, the glare on the infotainment is a PITA at times. The only bad thing with the GPS is that if you skip a stop(waypoint) it wants you to go back unlike a Garmin that reprograms and keeps going. Workaround is that you stop the trip then restart it for a waypoint that is ahead of you and it picks up from there.
4. I like the grips, mirrors and floorboard design. Easy to clean. The 09 and 11's are a bitch to clean!
5. No lumbar on the passenger backrest. Not a big deal as the OL didnt use it.
6. I think the power is about the same(stock) as my 11 after I did stage 1, removed the cat and installed Fullsac baffles and a TTS download. Since power is decent(especially over 3000 rpm) I think I wont waste money on stage 1, pipes or download. In Cali its done primarily to fight the engine heat and EPA restrictions.
7. Love the Burgundy Blaze/Typhoon Maroon. Good lookin in the sunlight but they could have been a little more creative with the paintjob.
All in regrets! Love it.
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