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Question for Schuberth C3, C3 Pro, or RPHA Max Guys

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Do you find that your Schuberth C3 or C3 Pro helps eliminate / reduce Buffeting? My old HJC modular Sy Max 2 is good, but it still gets pushed around a little. It's time for a new helmet and I'm wondering if the C3 Pro is worth all the money. My other option is the HJC RPHA Max modular helmet. Both have really good reviews on quietness and buffeting reduction. But I would like first hand knowledge from a Glide Rider. Thanks for the input!!!
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The C3 was the leading contender when I was looking for a helmet but it didn't like the shape of my head. My top reason for hunting for "the quietest helmet" was the same as yours - buffeting. I also have to pass a hearing test for work so hearing conservation was also a big factor.

A helmet will help, but not cure, buffeting. Buffeting will transfer through the shell of any helmet. Moreover, each helmet will have pros and cons relative to noise. Some have are clean aerodynamic designs that allow the wind to smoothly (and quietly) move over the shell. Others have better noise dampening shells. Others better noise reduction due to padding. One thing is for certain - a chin curtain and snug padding around the neck/jaw REALLY helps to keep out noise from rough air around the bottom of ANY helmet. Don't buy a helmet without a chin curtain if noise is a big decision criteria for you.

The C3 is, according to all reviews, probably the best (quietest) MODULAR helmet on the market.

Some recommendations:
C3 - modular - prob the best
Shoei GT Air - Full Face - close second to C3
Shoei Neotec - Modular - places about third IMO
Shoei RF1200 - Full Face - Close second to C3 but no internal visor. I like this helmet because a RF1200 Large is smaller (less "bobble-head") than a large in any of the other I list here.

None eliminate the buffeting - manage your expectations so you don't find yourself disappointed after spending $600 (plus) on a lid. Hope this helps.

Check out and look at helmet reviews (which include noise data) and articles on noise.
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