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I have a plan in my mind and think it will work but wanted to ask others opinions.
1st I tell you what I have A 2012 RGUltra. has the tourpack wiring harness which has the run/brake/ground wires which are hooked up to side marker lights and the spoiler run/brake light. Also have the saddle bag spoilers with the run/brake lights but they are hooked up to the acc plug under the seat.

I ordered the dynamic rings for front turn signals and the tour pak Magic strobe kit of the tour pak. My idea is to run the saddle bag lights up into the tour pak so they will have the brake strobe too.

If this all I was going to do would be not an issue but later I would like to add the integrated run/brake/turn signal LED strip from CD to the tour pak.

So not only will I need to get the saddle bag lights into the tour pak but also 2 wires for the turn signals. SO I have a 5 wire trailer wiring harness my plan is to run this into the TP and tap into the 3 wire harness that's already there, then take off the Acc plug and wire into new wires I just ran. That way I can have the saddle bags strobe also and then I will have the 2 extra wires that I can tap into the rear wiring harness for the turn signals when that time comes and just tap into the tour pak harness for the ground/run/brake.

Hope someone or ones with more wiring experience will chime in and let me know if my ideas will work.
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