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Radio flash should be Amp 1 - No, Amp 2 - No, number of speakers 4 ( it won't allow you to set to 8 unless you have a Road Glide Ultra, it goes by your vin#) by choosing 4 speakers now it will enable front/rear fader if you ever decide to add rear speakers.

Yes you will need to hook up your remote wire (it tells the amp to turn on). I tapped into the accessory outlet power on the left lower side of the fairing. ( I believe it is a purple wire)

You will also need to adjust the "gain level" as outlined in the instructions included with the amplifier. This will prevent distortion when the volume is turned up. My amp included a CD with different hz tracks. I had to transfer it to a flash drive, the plug it into the accessory audio hook up in your right glove box.

Make sure your speakers are unplugged! Play track 7 at about 70% volume and adjust the gain level as outlined in the amp instructions.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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