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Radio gremlins

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Howdy all,
A Public Service Announcement from Lucky D :D

My Alpine 149 BT / Fosgate PBR had a weird little problem. All at once I had no sound. All radio functions worked ... You could see it on the display of the head unit, the amp was working ( fan, power light were on ) but no sound outta the Polk MM 651 speakers. None. Not even a hiss.
Long story short, the amp was grounded to one of the inner fairing bolts and over the course of the last 12 months since it was all installed, that ground point ceased to be a solid ground ( even though the paint had been scraped off and the ring terminal on the ground wire was solid and the nut was torqued to specs.) I tried moving the ground wire to one of the other 3 bolts and still no luck.
Ran a 10 gauge wire from the negitive battery terminal and all's well.
So just in case you ever have weird electrical issues ....:eek:

This concludes this Public Service Announcement
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I also ran a ground wire from the battery and mounted a ground stud on my H-donut amp mount and grounded both amps to that... plus there is now a future ground point just in case...
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