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HD=Hundred Dollars,i try not to buy HD brand stuff just because it is over priced,plus none of there Genuine Accessories products are made in the US as well as most after market parts,so why pay more for parts made in the same country just because it comes in a HD package.
This is just a MYTH and aftermarket suppliers such as J&P get rich on this myth. HD P&A are cheaper in price and have just as good quality then most aftermarket parts and they FIT the bike too.
It is true that most HD & aftermarket P&A are not made in the USA.

Call Horny Toad HD and talk to Jon in parts. Best dealer prices I have found. Ebay for good take-offs. I rarely buy from the local dealer because they won't budge from list price.
+1 on JON from Horny Toad HD I get a lot parts from him.
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