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I have seen many threads on rear fender fascias with all types of wiring harnesses and splicing. Here's mine:

If you have just the run function on your tribar light, order wiring harness 68828-10. You will only need two of the wires in it, the black and the blue.

If you remove your center tail light, there is a power panel beneath it. The tail light plugs into the lower left plug as you are looking at it. There are three wires coming from the center taillight into that plug.

Splice the black wire from the wiring harness 68828-10 into the black wire coming from your tail light. The black wire should be the right most wire as it is plugged in. ---x

Splice the blue wire from the harness 68828-10 into the left most wire of the three coming out of the tail light. x---

The wiring harness on the center taillight will have a third wire in the --x- position. This is the wire that controls the brake function. If your tribar light supports this function, I see no reason why you couldn't identify which wire on the harness 68828-10 supports the brake function and splice it in here.

Hope this helps. Once started, it took about 30 minutes to complete this mod.
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