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rear lowering

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how much can I safely lower rear suspension without lowering front?
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The ultra is one inch (ish) higher than the special. So dropping the rear 2 inches will be similar to dropping the special 1 inch. In other words, it'll be fine. It'll ride just fine. Even better if you upgrade the rear shocks with a shorter, better set in the process. It'll only look funny to guys who think they know how your bike should look. If you do a search for it, you'll find a pic of my bike. It's a 2013 ultra with a lowered rear and raised front. Rides like a dream and looks good too. Good luck.

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Actually, I just ordered the Ohlin HD772 today in black. Great shock. It's considered a 13" but with the sag set correct, when sitting on it, it will sit within a 1/4" of the stock shocks on the RGS. Built for my weight and bike. When two up, you adjust the sag by one turn for every 25lbs. of weight added. When doing twisties or riding aggressive alone, you can add 2 clicks to the dampening and it makes it like a race setup and really carves the curves. Then when touring you can do two clicks less on the dampening then standard and it smooths out the road feel but still has the ability to absorb the sharp bumps without bottoming out. Can't weight to get them and do a write up.
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