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Its amazing. I would have never believed it until I tried it. I can lay the bike over enough to drag floor boards at riding speeds. If you can make it to the PA meet and greet you should ride my bike, I'll be there.
Kyle, I'm sure it works well. I've seen videos etc. mostly Gold Wingers using them. I bet you'll get a lot of miles out of that tire.
I have a friend that built a wide tire rigid chopper back in the days when wide motorcycle tires were not available. Riding behind him in turns with that wide car tire looked scary as he had to throw the bike over onto the edge through the whole turn then plop over on to the big flat surface after turn. He was also running a skinny tire up front which made it even harder. I have a Wide MC tire (250) on my rigid chopper with a skinny up front and I have to pull it in turns, can't imagine with a big flat car tire. This is not the case and I know it's different with a narrower car tire in rear and people that use them swear by them, I really haven't heard any negatives from people who run a CT on their bikes. I can't comment on it as I have not tried it but it sounds crazy. I can see better braking and traction on straight always but I'd be worried riding the dragon for example. What about insurance, God forbid something happened would insurance cover you/your bike with a car tire on it?
I'd like to see pics of the wear pattern on it from being on your bike.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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