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Rec'd My Hogg Chopps Today

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OK, my Hogg Chopps came in today.

I have to say, they look great. The paint job on them is GREAT! I know Andy was w/o a painter and must have gotten a good one. No overspray on the inside at all.

I am really excited to get them on and try them, but probably won't be able to put them on until next week
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I will.

I have some lower 2010 FLTRX shocks (that I rec'd from 2010 FLTRX) that I need to install also.

My next tows might be the SE FatShotz slip-on's and SE A/C.
Finally put my Hogg Chopps on this evening. Only had time to jump on the bike and run up the highway before dark, so no pics yet. But, I really like them. Andy did a good job of getting the paint matched (except he sent them clean, so now they shine much more than the rest of the bike). I really like them. I was worried they would knock out too much air, but it's not the case. Still have air flowing around you, but my Oakley's aren't bouncing on my face. I can feel that the wind that use to come up my from underneat and up my chest, isn't so anymore.

They were a pain in the ass to put on. W/only two hands, trying to line it up, put it on and pull them outward so they are aren't resting against the turn signals, then put that nut and washer over the plastic spacer, with the opening of the P clamps... Well, you get the point.
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Road to work today! Really like the Hogg Chopps. I still feel the air moving around them, but my Oakleys don't bounce on my face any longer. One of my worries I had with Lowers like the HD Lowers, is they are SO big, they're like adding two walls onto the engine guards.
Yeah, yeah, yeah! I need to clean the whole bike and put on the FLTRX rear shocks I picked up here to. I'll try to do all of that tomorrow evening. And get some pics.

I do like them, they REALLY knock down the buffeting, but don't eliminate all the wind. They work as Chainsaw had previously described them.
Nice .... hey will the HD compartments fit or does HoggChopps sell them? Also can you option for a quick release feature?

There was nothing "quick" about putting thet Hogg Chopps on. Someone on here said they take three hands to put on and they weren't kidding.
I also have all the same Questions about compartments etc, and what was the bottom line to your door?
Thanks Frodoe
$404 painted to my doorway.
on 2010 Road Glide Custom
It was pushing a 100 down here yesterday and I rode 200 miles between 1200and 1830. I doesn't block as much air as I thought they would, which is good. You still get plenty of air (after all, you're still riding outside), just not the updraft that comes up your chest and buffets your sunglasses and helmet.

Some here have said they actually push more wind towards the motor, potentially keeping it cooler. They don't have as big a front profile as the HD lowers do.
You're welcome!

I don't think you'd be disappointed with the Hogg Chopops.

Thank you so much
thanks much
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