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I had to repair some fairing damage on my 2009 Roadglide painted with Red Hot Sunglo, and I thought I would share what I needed to do to get the clor ot match.
This color is a tri-stage finish, meaning that there is a base metallic, a fairly translucent mid-color coat, and a final clear coat.
I did not want to paint the whole fairing, as I did not feel like reappling the decals, nor could I find them for my bike.
Anywho, I sprayed about 8 different test panels, over grey primer, silver base, gold base, using one coat of base, as well as two coats of base.
Finding the exact base coat for this color is pretty critical, as the factory "match" color from dupont did not list a base color, nor could I find much information on this.
In the end I discovered a section of the base that had some factory overspray of the mid base, and managed to match it to another color from harley circa 2005.
To match this color, I had to use the following-
Smokey Gold metallic, dupont #809165k, as many coats as I needed to cover up the primer, then blended out to the factory paint
Red Hot sunglo, dupont 834807k, this step was pretty critical, as anythign over one coat over the gold resulted in a color that was much darker than factory.
I then sprayed the entire fairing with 3 coats of dupont chromaclear, followed by wetsanding and buffing.
It ended up being a pretty *** close match to the factory.

I'll take a closer pic if anyone is interested, but here are the few that I shot as I did the repair, and one semi far picture.


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