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Replacing speakers w/o amp

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Due to funding constraints I am thinking about replacing the stock fairing speakers with 6.5's and adding amp next year. Should I be concerned about not pushing enough power thru these speakers for a year? Will there be s noticeable sound difference? I have a pair of hawg wired grills I itchen to install and while the fairings off I might as well do speakers. I have about $175.00 on speakers and adapters.
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I replaced my stock fairing speakers with 7.25" with no amp. Then took the stock and installed them in the inner fairing. Way better than stock and still have option of amp to drive more sound. One of the best mods For the $.
In the same factory location or down lower?
Did the 4 speaker mod. Cut holes on the inside of the inner fairing. The DIY section has many posts, mine included, with pics. Not difficult to do and worth the effort.
This is the route I want to do. Is there specific link in DYI that illustrated this cool mod?
Just go to the DIY thread - look for initial post by tatyou2 with a title of "4 speakers in the front fairing." Lots of posts with pics and information (wiring,...). Last time I checked this thread was one the first page about half way down.
Stupid excited and lazy at the same time...found it...thanks :D
Glad you found it. I made my grills to fit the new cut out holes. Went to OfficeMax and bought a heavy wire mess trash can (black). Used the fairing cut outs to form new covers. 5 inch hole saw for new speaker holes. Take a 1/4" piece of wood planking and cut same hole - place wire mess over hole and press and shape into place with blanks from fairing cut. Used standard black washers and rubber washers to secure ( I will post pics ) in place. Looks perfect.
1 - 4 of 15 Posts
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