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Retune of stock ECM??

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Has anyone heard of reprogramming or mapping a stock ECM? a friend of mine just had his 2014 street glide remapped for $200 and dyno'd for $300. He added Rinehart true dials and a ness big sucker intake. I didn't think a stock ECM was reprogrammable??? The guy that did this has some software and is licensed to use it? He is very happy with the results and the guy was also able to make the throttle more responsive..... Anyone have any feedback positive or negative????
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One of the other ones like the one I have is Direct Link. The dyno guy sells you a jump drive type device that is authorized to flash or is married to your bike. Then if you ever have problems, you keep it with you and anyone that does dyno work with the direct link program can adjust or refresh you ecm.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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