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Hi All,
liked to share my recent experience with Arc audio mpak 8. Took a gamble and purchased Mpak 8 for my road glide it was stated as compatible for street glide only. Installation is possible by installing the amp above the headlight. Sound was much improved comparing it to the crappy hogtunes setup. The arc moto 602 v2 speakers pretty much rocks however i feel it lacks a bit of bass due to ks125.2 amp.

With all the existing wiring that i ve hooked up, upgraded the amp to Diamond audio micro 2v2 after reading all the good review. Man i tell u this combo really ROCKS!!!! This micro amp unleash the full potential of the speaker, sound is much cleaner and bass is much deeper.

Any folks considering to get a 2 speaker fairing system can consider this setup.

Cheers and ride on....
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