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Here is a review of these helmets that I left over on where I bought them:

We bought two of these helmets to replace our aging helmets that were also 3/4 helmets (Nolan N43s). They were very good helmets but were significantly more expensive. I did a lot of research comparing helmet reviews and found the Scorpion EXO-CT220 offered a lot of great features for the money.


The things we really liked about these helmets were the little details like the tabs that the face shield fit into which will help with keeping the face shield in place during an impact. Another safety feature is the cheek pad emergency removal tabs on the underside. Again, just a nice safety feature that we didn't see in other helmets in this price point and even some higher.

The styling is good as well. Not too futuristic-looking like some that you see but also not too old-school either. Just a nice looking helmet.

The vent system works great. This is the third set of helmets we have owned with vent systems but it's the first where when I open the vents I can ACTUALLY FEEL AIR MOVING! So hopefully this will help in those hot summer months keep things at least a little cooler.

The face shield itself works great and is very clear and easy to see through as is the drop-down sun visor screen. The drop-down sun visor mechanism works great as well. Another great little feature is the screw that allows you to set the height that the sun screen drops down. Just another little attention to detail that is not found on other helmets at even higher price points. Good job, Scorpion! I also like that the face shield comes down lower than most other models I viewed video reviews for. I rode in cool weather yesterday and the fogging from my nostrils occurred down low, well below my vision. On the Nolan when I ride in the cold the the fogging quickly comes up to eye-level and becomes problematic.

We were very used to the chin strap retention system of our previous helmets so going back to the old-school double d-ring was a challenge but not one that was too hard since we rode for years with that type of system. It came back quickly.

The fit is excellent! I was a little worried since many of the user reviews I'd read seemed to rate the helmet as running on the 'small' side. I have a rather large, round melon so even though the sizing chart said I needed an XL I wanted to select a 2XL just to be sure. But I resisted this desire and I'm glad I did as my helmet fits me like a glove right out of the box. It's a little snug but you want it that way as the helmet will quickly conform to you. But while snug it has NO pressure points that can lead to headaches from long rides.

My wife was in a tough spot as her head measures right on the line between the S and M sized. We went with M and she likes the fit and feels the S would have been too small. So we got lucky with sizing and don't need to utilize Revzilla's excellent return/exchange policy.


The cons were very few, especially at this price point. First up is that the helmet is a little noisy. Not from the helmet itself but rather just the amount of noise it let's in. I compare this to my previous helmet. I always considered that helmet to be very noisy and reviews of that brand 3/4 helmets usually has them in the noisy end of the spectrum. The user reviews of the Scorpion 3/4 helmets has them more on the quiet side so I was a little disappointed to find that the Scorpion seems a little MORE noisy than our previous helmets. That doesn't mean they are awful, just not as good as I'd hoped. The upside is that I can hear my stereo better when I'm riding on the rare occasions I use my motorcycle stereo. And I wear custom ear plugs often as well so it's often a moot point.

Another con is the external sun visor. You cannot use this visor with the face shield. The previous helmet was the same way. I love external sun visors for those occasions when the sun is getting low in the horizon and you happen to be heading in that direction! There are helmets out there that have finally incorporated the ability to use both a full face shield and the external sun visor but they are generally quite large and heinous looking. So I will revert to my tried and true piece of electrical tape on the top of the external face shield!

The last con issue I have is the extreme lack of color options. The choices everywhere for this helmet are gloss black, matte black and bright yellow. (We went with the matte black) Our last helmets were bright yellow but that was because I had a yellow bike, two bikes ago. And then the last bike was orange so the yellow kinda worked although I did receive a lot of teasing about it. I liked the yellow because people SEE the yellow coming and I really like to be SEEN by cars! But we just bought a new bike that is not a good color for the yellow helmets so I was hoping for some other, lighter color like white, silver, platinum, or even gold would have worked. A nice tasteful dark green would have worked well too. But the EXO-CT220 has very limited color selections. Maybe they need to do this to keep the price points down but I'm hoping that the next time we buy there are more choices. Many other helmets in this price range offer at least a few more options like white and silver!

That's really about it. I gave these helmets a 5-star excellent rating because the features vs. price point and quality of the things we like far outweigh the few cons. We highly recommend the Scorpion EXO-CT220 as an excellent choice in this price range. It offers more features than any other helmet in the sub-$150 category and is on par with features of helmets costing much more.

Dealing with Revzilla was great and I highly recommend them as well. The shipping was free and the helmets sent 2-day Priority USPS mail so they arrived very fast and well-packaged.

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Update to original review

Just wanted to update this review now that we've been riding with the new helmets for a couple weeks. They continue to impress. But the big update is with regard to the air flow. As I said in my original review, this is the first helmet I've owned where the air flow vents seem to actually work well. If you ride in cool weather and open them up you can definitely feel the air on your head.

This past Sunday we had some hot and humid 90 degree weather - pretty warm for mid-May for us up here in NH. We went out for about three hours, two 1.5 hour stints with a half hour break walking around a local HD shop. You could not 'feel' the air flow because the air was so hot but after both times stopping and removing my helmet my head was not drenched! That is a first.

With previous helmets - even those with air flow vents on them - an hour in 90 degree heat and my head/hair would be drenched. So I'm digging these new helmets even more.

I did try to put in some foam padding in the ear areas to see if I could dampen down the noise but although the area is somewhat recessed for a speaker system, it's still not enough room to get foam in there comfortably. The sound is not too bad especially now that I've removed the aftermarket exhaust and gone back to stock.
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